Spy App for Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Phone

Love is the most beautiful thing that we all look forward to. When you are in love with someone special, you give them not only your heart but allow them into your love for the purposes of friendship, romance, and companionship. Trust is the foundation for any marriage or relationship to remain afloat, but what happens when you begin suspecting your significant other is straying out of the union? Unfortunately, cases of cheating spouses and partners in marriages and relationship have hit an all-time high.

Betrayal of trust is the most hurtful thing that can lead to devastating consequences as some people go to the extent of committing suicide, falling into depression, damaging property or physical violence. People nowadays fall in love for various reasons, and it can times be difficult to determine whether your partner truly loves you or they are with you because of your money, fame, career or social status. Some people have been tricked into love relationships built on lies and for selfish gains.

What is Does Monitoring Software Do?

If you suspect your partner is not being truthful, you can use a monitoring software to try to unearth the facts. This software can be secretly installed on a target phone and connected to a remote gadget that will allow you to view all activities and communications of your partner. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the monitoring software, you can read messages, view all incoming and outgoing calls, access messaging apps on the target phone, track location via GPS feature and view multimedia content on target phones. This way, you can track your partner’s communication and movements to determine whether they are being unfaithful or not.

Cell monitoring software is easy to download and install. Depending on the operating system and smartphone model, you can either install a no-jailbreak or jailbreak version. The jailbreak version requires you to physically access the target phone in order to complete the setup process. On the other hand, the no-jailbreak version allows you to remotely complete the entire installation and setup process without accessing the target phone. For both cases, the monitoring software will only work when the target phone is connected to the internet since you rely on a remote server to view information from the target phone.

Why mSpy is an Awesome Monitoring Software?

mSpy performs excellently as a monitoring software considering the app is packed with a wide array of cool features that effectively and discreetly monitor the behavior of your partner. This app has a no-jailbreak version for iOS which allows you to safely and remotely configure the app without touching your partner’s phone so long as you can access the iCloud credentials for the target phone. mSpy has a simple to understand and user-friendly user interface that allows you to quickly access the information you wish to review.

Monitoring mSpy features

  • GPS location tracker with a geo-fencing feature that allows you to configure your app to notify you when your partner visits strange places you don’t know.
  • Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls, time the calls were made and the duration of each call. This is a smart and simple way to know who your partner communicates with.
  • View and read all text and multimedia messages, both incoming and outgoing.
  • View all multimedia content stored in the phone’s gallery. This includes videos and photos. Additionally, any video or audio recorded on the phone is uploaded to a remote app server where you can view the details.
  • Keep an eye on who your partner communicates with and messages on social network apps such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Telegram and Skype among others.
  • Review web browsing history including a list of sites visited, how long and what your partner does while they are online.
  • Read both incoming and outgoing emails sent your partner’s phone

With all these features working together, you should be able to make clear and accurate conclusions about your partner before it’s too late.

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