What is spy app?

Spy App also referred to as Cell phone spy software is a mobile app that is installed on target phone with the aim of secretly monitoring information. This app has the capability to record phone calls, track text messages, monitor internet activity, read messaging apps, track location as well as report and keep a record of all sensitive information. These apps are commonly used by parents to monitor their children’s smartphones as well as installed by employers on various office gadgets to secretly monitor their employees, especially on email and internet activity.

How does a Spy App Work?

When installed on a target phone, all the data picked up by the app is transferred to the app’s server. The best part is the app runs in the background and cannot be detected by owners of the gadgets. Even though spy apps use various terminologies, they work based on the same concept. All you need is to purchase and download a spy app, install it on the target phone and enter your license key; the app will begin working immediately.

So, how do you monitor information on the target phone? You can monitor entire activities of the target phone via your online account. You can do this remotely without the need to physically access the phone. Installing a spy app is quite fast and simple. The technique of installing a spy app depends on whether you’ve purchased a no-jailbreak version or jailbreak version of the spy app. When using the jailbreak version, you have to physically access the target smartphone to install the app. No-jailbreak version is recommended for users as everything is done remotely so you don’t need to access a smartphone.


mSpy is an excellent spy software for monitoring an iPhone as it doesn’t require jailbreaking. It is a web-based application that lets you easily track messages, monitor call logs and view browsing history. For this app to work effectively, you require your target’s Apple ID login details and iCloud Backup must be active on the target phone.

What are the features of mSpy?

Keep Track of Calls

Using mSpy, you can access information about both outgoing and incoming calls as well as the call duration for each call and timestamps. You can also block certain numbers you don’t want to contact the target phone.

Track Text Messages

mSpy helps you to keep track of all messages that have been sent to the target phone. These include SMS messages and multimedia messages that your child receives.

Read Messaging Apps

Using mSpy, you can see messages sent and received by the target user on various messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, LINE, Viber and SnapChat. You can also see all the multimedia content stored in the gallery.

Know GPS Location

Using mSpy, you can know the current GPS location of the target phone. You can configure and include safe zones such as your child’s school, home or locations of relative’s houses.

Control Programs and Apps

mSpy allows you access to all the apps installed on the target device. With this spy app, you can prevent your child from using certain apps.

View Multimedia Content

With mSpy, you can track and view all photos and videos saved on the phone. Whenever your child records a video or photographs using their smartphone, the files are uploaded to your mSpy account.

Monitor Online Activities

Keep track of your child’s online activities. You can mark some sites as safe and block others.

Read Emails

Using this spy app, you’re able to keep an eye on all emails received by the target phone.

Access Contacts and Calendar

With mSpy, it becomes easy to view all contacts and newly added contents as well as calendar details.


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